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Victim and Witness Unit


The Victim Witness Unit provides victims and witnesses comprehensive support and advocacy services while navigating the criminal justice system. Victim/Witness Coordinators play a vital role in this process by providing guidance and assistance to victims, who may be grappling with an array of emotions ranging from confusion to fear and anger. They also clarify the victim's rights and provide them with a better understanding of the criminal justice system. Victim/Witness Coordinators act as an intermediary between victims and prosecutors, investigative personnel, and court officials.


One of the most fundamental and critical rights for victims during prosecution is the right to participate. The Victim/Witness Coordinators ensure that victims are empowered to exercise this right by providing them with guidance and support. Additionally, they encourage the victim's involvement in Victim Impact Statements during sentencing and other essential stages of prosecution.


The Victim Witness Unit comprises a Chief, five Team Leads, four Coordinators, two District Court DV Advocates, two Bilingual Advocates, and three DV Housing Coordinators.

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