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Strategic Investigations Unit


The Strategic Investigations Unit (“SIU”) is tasked with prosecuting three categories of offenders: (1) repeat violent offenders who have three or more prior convictions for violent felonies, (2) individuals or groups of individuals who commit “string” offenses consisting of three or more violent felonies, and (3) individuals or groups of individuals who commit felonies at the direction of, in furtherance of, or for the benefit of a criminal gang. 
SIU consists of four Circuit Court prosecutors, a paralegal, and an administrative aide.  Because the cases handled by SIU are victim-intensive, each prosecutor works with a Victim Witness Coordinator.  Criminal offenses prosecuted by SIU include, but are not limited to, murder, attempted murder, armed and unarmed carjackings, armed and strong-arm robberies – both commercial and citizen – assaults, and handgun violations. 
Crime knows no geographic boundaries; therefore, SIU prosecutors frequently collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.


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Diversion & Reentry Expansion

Facing any type of criminal charge can be overwhelming and being convicted of the charge can lead to difficulties in life. Fortunately, Prince George County, Maryland does offer diversion programs that give individuals charged with specific crimes the chance to avoid being prosecuted. If successfully completed, that person may also be able to avoid having a criminal record as well.

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