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Units & Divisions

The Office of the State's Attorney serves Prince George's County as the chief law enforcement agency, prosecuting all criminal cases ranging from traffic offenses to murder.

State's Attorney Aisha N. Braveboy leads and manages an office of approximately 200 employees who are committed to seeking justice for victims of crime.

Narcotics Intelligence

Serves as a new specialty unit focused on aggressive prosecution of opioid and other felony drug cases, with a particular emphasis on Fentanyl cases. 

District Court

The District Court prosecutes virtually all misdemeanor cases - approximately 30,000 criminal cases annually. These cases include drug offenses, burglaries, incarcerable traffic offenses, thefts, trespass, and assaults.


The investigative unit assists the State’s Attorney’s office by conducting interviews of witness and defendants. Investigators have full police powers and able to make arrest.

Firearms Enforcement

Serves as a new specialty unit focused on gun prosecutions. This year from January 1st thru March 31st, the office has indicted 454-gun cases. We plan to pursue each case vigorously.

Convictions & Sentencing Integrity

The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office was the first in the state to create a Conviction and Sentencing Integrity Unit. The unit looks at cases where new evidence calls into question the validity of prior convictions, as well as cases where the sentence imposed appears to be excessive. 

Strategic Investigation

The Strategic Investigations Unit (“SIU”) is tasked with prosecuting three categories of offenders: (1) repeat violent offenders who have three or more prior convictions for violent felonies, (2) individuals or groups of individuals who commit “string” offenses consisting of three or more violent felonies, and (3) individuals or groups of individuals who commit felonies at the direction of, in furtherance of, or for the benefit of a criminal gang. 

Major Crimes

The Major Crimes Unit (MCU) is responsible for prosecuting violent felonies including non-domestic attempted murders, serious assaults, carjackings, robberies, burglaries, and motor vehicle cases. 

Post Trial Procedure

The Post Sentencing Unit of The Office of the State’s Attorney’s Office is responsible for representing the State in and responding to: Post Conviction petitions and motions to re-open Post Conviction proceedings as well as appearing at all hearings for same

Special Prosecutions

The State’s Attorney’s Office is responsible for bringing theft, mortgage fraud, undue influence and financial exploitation of vulnerable adults, credit card misuse, and identity theft cases to trial in Prince George’s County Maryland District and Circuit Courts. 


The Homicide Unit is responsible for investigating, charging, and presenting all homicides that occur in the county at trial. 

Case Management & Quality Control

The Case Management and Quality Control division serves several functions within the State's Atttorney's office.   First, the Unit is in charge of handling all preliminary hearings and bond review hearings at the District Court level in Court Room 261B. 

Special Victims

This Special Victim’s Unit (SVU) is responsible for the prosecution of all physical and sexual child abuse cases, intimate partner violence cases, sexual assault cases, child exploitation cases, child pornography cases, human trafficking cases, and vulnerable adult abuse cases that occur in the County.  

Youth Justice

The Youth Justice Division is responsible for the resolution of delinquent charges filed against youth below the age of eighteen (18) years of age. 

Public Integrity

The Public Integrity Unit (PIU) is the newest unit in the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office.  This unit was created in 2018 by State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy to assure the community that public officials in Prince George’s County are being held to the highest ethical standards.

Victim and Witness

The Victim Witness Unit provides victims and witnesses with information, support, and advocacy services, and their families while involved in the criminal justice system. 

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