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Case Management and Quality Control Division 


The Case Management and Quality Control division serve several functions within the State's Atttorney's office.  
  • First, the Unit is in charge of handling all preliminary hearings and bond review hearings at the District Court level in Court Room 261B. 
  • Second, the Unit also has a primary role in determining which unit(s) within the SAO a case should be directed for prosecutorial review. 
  • Third, the Grand Jury Unit is housed within the Case Management/Quality Control Unit and it is here that cases are reviewed for indictment. 
  • Fourth, Case Management/Quality Control also reviews cases that are appropriate for pre-indictment disposition. 
It is the overall mission of Case Management/Quality Control to evaluate cases in the interests of justice as it applies to the accused, the victim and the citizens of Prince George’s County, Maryland.


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