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Post Trial Procedure Unit


The Post Sentencing Unit, operating under The Office of the State's Attorney's Office, is tasked with representing the State in various legal proceedings. Such proceedings include but are not limited to, responding to Post Conviction petitions and motions to re-open Post Conviction proceedings, appearing at all hearings for the same, responding to violations of probation filed by the Department of Parole and Probation, attending hearings for the same, filing motions for reconsideration of sentences and re-sentencing, motions to correct illegal sentences, reviewing sentences by a three-judge panel, petitions for actual innocence, Habeas Corpus proceedings, Interstate Detainer matters, Writs of Error Coram Nobis, and motions seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction pursuant to the Health General Article of the Maryland Code. The unit also handles Diversion Court matters, motions for new trials based on the claim that DNA evidence introduced at trial was unreliable, and is responsible for filing applications for leave to appeal and notices of appeal, partnering with the Criminal Appeals Division of The Attorney General of The State of Maryland on appellate matters.


Additionally, The Post Sentencing Unit employs victim-witness coordinators who contact victims of crimes and the next of kin of deceased victims of crimes. The coordinators notify them of hearings scheduled for the aforementioned matters, allowing them to attend and provide testimony when appropriate.


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