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Public Integrity Unit


In 2018, State's Attorney Aisha Braveboy established the Public Integrity Unit (PIU) to uphold the highest ethical standards among public officials in Prince George's County. The PIU's primary responsibility is to investigate and prosecute crimes that undermine government integrity, such as bribery of elected and appointed officials, theft by government officials, police brutality, and other related offenses.


The PIU has proven instrumental in promoting transparency in the handling of police disciplinary files, ensuring that criminal defendants receive fair treatment during prosecution. Additionally, the unit has actively supported legislative endeavors in Annapolis to grant public access to police personnel files.


With a team of highly skilled attorneys possessing extensive litigation and prosecution experience at both the federal and state levels, the PIU has effectively prosecuted many cases that involve police brutality and government officials' theft.


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Do Not Call Policy

The below guidance shall serve as the formal policy for the State’s Attorney’s Office (“SAO”) regarding the use of officer witnesses on behalf of the State. In accordance with this policy guidance, the SAO will practice the following procedure: Officers that Will No Longer be Sponsored as Witnesses • The SAO will no longer sponsor testimony of officers when the SAO is in possession of evidence which suggests that: o the officer made a material misstatement under oath, in an affidavit or probable cause statement, or whose dishonesty affected the charging status of a civilian; o the officer was convicted of an impeachable offense or convicted of an offense that was committed in his/her official capacity; or o the officer acted in a manner that demonstrates he/she is biased (i.e. racist, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced).


• Note: In instances where the evidence does not fall within the above categories, the SAO will exercise its discretion in reviewing the facts and circumstances to determine the appropriate action (i.e. when an officer is acquitted of an impeachable offense). • The current list of officers that the SAO will not sponsor consists of both active and inactive law enforcement whose conduct falls within at least one of the enumerated criteria listed above

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