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Homicide Unit


The Homicide Unit is responsible for conducting investigations and prosecuting all homicides occurring within the county. The unit's attorneys work in close coordination with detectives from various agencies, commencing from the moment of the homicide to ensure a comprehensive investigation is carried out. The team utilizes all available legal means to ascertain the facts and duly charge any implicated suspects to ensure that justice is served.


Furthermore, the unit's attorneys offer legal support and guidance to the Prince George’s County police detectives and municipal police departments in the county in investigating all suspicious deaths. Homicide cases are complex and often emotionally charged, requiring the use of expert scientific evidence and testimony to navigate the intricate legal issues that may arise.


Due to their complexity, some homicide cases can take several years to resolve, given the need to ensure a thorough investigation and safeguard public safety. The homicide unit is committed to upholding justice, giving victims and their families a voice, and ensuring that they are involved in the process as allowed by law.


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