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During the 2023 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy focused on public safety enhancements, criminal justice reform, and violence prevention and intervention. 


The Braveboy administration places great importance on a balanced and efficient public safety approach that centers around justice. Our team is resolute in advocating for the community in all areas, including the legislative process, the courtroom, and the larger community. Our unyielding dedication to protecting our county's residents is evident in our high felony conviction rates and our commitment to promoting rehabilitation and restoration initiatives.

Maryland Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

This legislation will make it a crime to acquire, receive income from, or operate an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering. Rather than prosecuting violations of individual criminal statutes, they can pursue patterns of criminal acts committed by direct and indirect participants in criminal enterprises.

Safe Harbor and Service Response — Sexual Crimes against Child Victims

This legislation alters procedures that a law enforcement officer or court must follow when there is reason to believe that a child, who has been detained, is a victim of sex trafficking or human trafficking. The legislation provides that a minor may not be criminally prosecuted or proceeded against under certain provision of law for certain offenses – if the alleged offense is the direct result of human trafficking.

Sexual Offenses — Crime of Violence and Lifetimes Supervision

This legislation alters a certain definition of “Crime of Violence” as it relates to the age of victims of certain offenses requiring a sentence for certain persons convicted of certain sexual abuse crimes to include a term of lifetime sexual offender supervision.

Sexual Offense in the Third Degree — In-Custody Sex Offense

This legislation establishes an “incapacity to consent” when a person has been placed in detention, is under arrest, or is in the custody of a police officer, peace officer, or other law enforcement officer responsible for effecting the arrest of such person or maintaining such person in detention; or actual custody; or reasonably should know that such person is under arrest, detention, or custody.

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