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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Boyfriend forces girlfriend into a dog crate, makes her eat dog food and victimizes another.

UPPER MARLBORO, MD (September 1, 2021) – After a three-hour sentence hearing, 29-year-old Tiroune Oates, of Mt. Rainier, was sentenced last week to 40 years, with all but 30 years suspended, for assaulting two female victims and false imprisonment.

On May 26, 2021, Oates pled guilty to misdemeanor charges that include two counts of second degree assault and one count of false imprisonment in two separate cases involving two separate victims.

In the early morning of June 13, 2021, Oates was driving a female victim to her car after she had gone to his house for a “date” through a social media app. Earlier the previous evening, Oates demanded that she leave the home after he was unable to get sexually aroused. On the way to her car, which was parked at the Metro station, he pulled over in a fit of rage and began to assault her. After throwing her phone from the car to prevent her from calling the police, Oates subsequently grabbed her from the vehicle and threw her over a guardrail where she fell face first onto the pavement, breaking her glasses, leaving her unable to see and her stranded on the side of the road.

In a separate case, on June 20, 2021, Oates became angry with another female at his place of residence and began assaulting her. He forced her into a dog crate, ripped off her shirt, locked the door to the crate and poured water and lighter fluid on her. Before making himself dinner, he urinated on her, poured dog food into the crate and forced her to eat it while counting piece by piece. Then, he began eating his dinner while videotaping her. Later, he tells the victim to figure out how to get out of the crate and clean up the mess.

Maryland guidelines for the misdemeanor charges to which Oates pled guilty are probation to four and one half years in prison. After three hours of written and in-person testimony about the horrific abuses suffered by 11 victims, a letter written from his mother to the judge asking for mental health assistance for her son and a replay of the video made by the defendant at the time of the incident, Oates instead received 30 years in prison.

According to the sentence handed down by the court, upon release, Oates will also be on supervised probation for five years under the division that supervises dangerous sex offenders.

“I am grateful that this man is going to be behind bars for a very long time. His cruel, evil and utterly disgusting actions show that he is a deeply disturbed man who is a master of manipulation with no regard or respect for women,” State’s Attorney Braveboy said. “I want to thank my team for the extremely hard work and time put into achieving justice for our victims.”

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