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PG States Attorney’s Office hosts gun violence rally

Cheyenne Corin, WDVM

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. (DC News Now) — The State’s Attorney office tonight held a community call- to-action rally focused on addressing gun violence.

Dr. Warees Majeed is the founder of No Slide and works with young men in PG County and DC who are victims or perpetrators of gun violence. Dr. Majee says he is sick of the senseless violence so tries to educate the community about the lasting impacts their decisions can have.

“You’re talking about the family members, not understanding that losing somebody, you’re leaving kids behind you’re leaving the community behind,” said Dr. Majeed. “So it really just impacts the whole community as a whole it really kills the family.”

One of those men in No Slide is Marcellus Queen who was shot 8 times, was in & out of prison and now calls himself a violence interrupter.

“I was so lucky to make it out of all my friends are dead or have life in jail so the youngest stages of people that’s coming up, I would rather not see them go through that,” said Queen.

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