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Aisha Braveboy Focuses on Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform During 2023 Legislative Session

UPPER MARLBORO, MD (February 1, 2023) – Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy is focused on public safety enhancements, criminal justice reform and violence prevention and intervention for the 2023 General Assembly Legislative Session.

“Our legislative agenda is focused on protecting the safety of Prince Georgians,” said State’s Attorney Braveboy. “My approach to public safety has been and remains centered around delivering justice in a manner that is both balanced and effective. My highest priority is protecting the residents of this county. This is reflected by both our high felony conviction rates and our expanding opportunities for rehabilitation and restoration. We cannot do this work without our legislative partners.”

State’s Attorney Braveboy’s 2023 legislative priorities include:

Maryland Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act – This legislation will make it a crime to acquire, receive income from, or operate an enterprise through a pattern of racketeering. In addition to prosecuting violations of individual criminal statutes, they can pursue patterns of criminal acts committed by direct and indirect participants in criminal enterprises.

Safe Harbor and Service Response — Sexual Crimes against Child Victims

This legislation alters procedures that a law enforcement officer or court must follow when there is reason to believe that a child who has been detained is a victim of sex trafficking or human trafficking. The legislation provides that a minor may not be criminally prosecuted or proceeded against under certain provisions of the law for certain offenses – if the alleged offense is the direct result of human trafficking.

Expanding Expungement – This legislation will allow individuals, who have committed certain felonies, to have their criminal records expunged after a significant time period without subsequent convictions. The current expungement statute only allows for certain misdemeanors to be expunged. This legislation expands this opportunity to include individuals who were convicted of more serious offenses, but who have not committed any additional crimes for 20 years after their release from incarceration.

Prosecutorial Reconsideration – This legislation will provide limited discretion to State’s Attorneys to file a motion to modify a sentence during any period of active incarceration. This legislation also establishes factors for the court’s consideration at a hearing on the motion including: (1) the inmate’s disciplinary record and record of rehabilitation and maturity while incarcerated; (2) evidence that reflects whether age, time served, or diminished physical condition has reduced the inmate’s risk for future violence; and (3) evidence reflecting a change in circumstances since the original conviction and sentencing such that the inmate’s continued incarceration is no longer in the interest of justice.

Cannabis Public Awareness Campaign Funding Authorization – This request will authorize funding for law enforcement agencies to create public education campaigns aimed at educating youth and adults about the potential negative health effects and risks of recreational cannabis use.

Emerging Adult Working Group – The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) is requesting funding for the Emerging Adult Program. This program focuses on individuals aged 18-26 years old who are currently incarcerated or serving out sentences in the community. The program establishes key re-entry programs for our young adults, including mentorship, counseling, job training, and work placement. The program begins when the young adult is sentenced and continues through any period of incarceration, parole, or probation to reduce recidivism and promote successful re-entry into the community.

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