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Diversion & Reentry Expansion

Office of the State's Attorney for Prince George's County

Facing any type of criminal charge can be overwhelming and being convicted of the charge can lead to difficulties in life. Fortunately, Prince George County, Maryland does offer diversion programs that give individuals charged with specific crimes the chance to avoid being prosecuted. If successfully completed, that person may also be able to avoid having a criminal record as well. 
PGSAO Diversion & Reentry Expansion


Back on Track - Prince George's County

Back on Track, Prince George’s County is a Problem-Solving Court aimed at reducing the recidivism rate of first time, low-level felony offenders, who do not require substance abuse services.  Back on Track diverts defendants into a rigorous 12-18 month program that requires participants to plead guilty and participate in the program as a condition of probation. 


It provides participants with an opportunity to make amends with the community and self-improve through a strict accountability program which includes home and employment checks, a significant community service component, life skills development, workforce training and job placement. 


This non-traditional method of prosecution is designed to leave the Back on Track graduate with increased life management skills.  After successful completion of the program, participants’ records are expunged. 

Program Eligibility Criteria

  • No prior felonies or violent convictions

  • No prior felony convictions for drug or gun offenses

  • No prior violent misdemeanors

  • Presently charged with first non-violent felony drug offense or first non-violent handgun or felony drug offense.

  • Not currently under community supervision in any jurisdiction

  • Not found to be drug dependent

  • Must be a verified resident of Prince George’s County, Maryland

Alternative Resolution Diversion Program (Human Trafficking & Prostitution)

On November 1, 2019, under the Braveboy Administration, the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County implemented a diversion program and guidelines related to human trafficking, commercial sex work, and prostitution cases. The diversion program is known to the public as the Alternative Resolution Diversion Program (ARDP). While the Office continues to prosecute prostitution cases, the implemented guidelines address concerns involving victims of human trafficking and/or commercial sex workers in need of services.  In facilitating this policy, the Office has dedicated resources in the form of a designated District Court Prostitution & Human Trafficking Screening Assistant State’s Attorney (Screening ASA) and a Diversion Coordinator, who screen and monitor these cases. The State’s Attorney’s Office also requests regular huddle with the Court and partner agencies.

The goal of implementing these guidelines was to more effectively identify victims of sex and human trafficking. It is already difficult to readily identify these victims; and, efforts to do so are further hampered by simply convicting sex workers for solicitation or merely offering to place their cases on the stet docket for community service. Allowing sex workers charged with prostitution to benefit from counseling services facilitated through the Family Justice Center (FJC) will help them improve their lives and transition to lawful employment. Furthermore, the information provided during counseling sessions will help trained providers identify sex workers who are victims of sex trafficking, and, will help the State’s Attorney’s Office to more effectively detect and prosecute traffickers.


Alternative Resolution, upon determining eligibility is offered to defendants who are believed to be involved in commercial sex work, prostitution, as well as victims of human trafficking. The purpose of the program is to provide applicable services to these individuals to assist with overcoming current circumstances. Intake occurs at the Family Justice Center, followed by orientation of the program, and subsequent referral to 1 of 3 human trafficking partners for completion of a treatment plan. Once the treatment plan has been established, it must be completed within 1-6 months.



  1. Amara’s Legal

  2. Courtney’s House: Ages 18-24

  3. Catholic Charities: Ages 25 & older

  4. University of Maryland Safe Center: Ages 25 & older

Contact: Denise McCain @ 301-780-8008

Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence is its own pandemic, and in the United States alone impacts approximately twelve million people a year.  Domestic Violence harms every part of our society: from the direct safety impact on survivors; to the children who witness domestic violence and can suffer the long term health complications form the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACES); to our workforce and economy that are all impacted by acts of domestic violence.  Like any pandemic, it is important to recognize and address some of the root causes, and when possible, ensure the appropriate treatment.  To that end the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office started a Domestic Violence Diversion program for first time offenders in cases that don’t involve a weapon, strangulation or stalking.  The goal of the Domestic Violence Diversion program is to treat the underlying causes of domestic violence at the very first opportunity with hopes of breaking the cycle of violence and providing offenders a path towards healthy relationships with no further involvement with the criminal justice system. 

The Diversion program requires a batterer’s intervention treatment program as well as mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, GED classes and job training and placement when appropriate.  We know that domestic violence incidents increase when there are financial difficulties, substance abuse issues and unresolved trauma.  Our goal is to assist with these underlying stressors and provide the necessary domestic violence treatment, education and counseling to lead to healthy families and contributing members of society.  We are a stronger community when we can all work together to end domestic violence.

Juvenile Diversion

In July 2019, State's Attorney Braveboy unveiled her comprehensive youth justice reform plan, which is aimed at reducing the number of juveniles that enter the criminal justice system.  She began with renaming and restructuring the Youth Justice Reform unit in her office to include seasoned attorneys and staff who look beyond the crime and seek the cause of the actions of youth offenders.  


In an effort to reduce the school to prison pipeline, the Office of the State's Attorney for Prince George's County acing any type of criminal charge can be overwhelming and being convicted of the charge can lead to difficulties in life. Fortunately, Prince George County, Maryland does offer diversion programs that give individuals charged with specific crimes the chance to avoid being prosecuted. If successfully completed, that person may also be able to avoid having a criminal record as well. 

Teen Court

Teen Court is an alternative justice system that gives teenage offenders a chance to learn from their mistakes without acquiring a criminal record.

Teens, between the ages of 10 -17, who have committed a non-violent misdemeanor and admitted their guilt, appear for “sentencing” before a jury of their teenage peers. A real District or Circuit Court judge presides over the cases — but sentencing determinations are made solely by the teen juries.


Additionally, in an attempt to stop the pipeline from the school system to the prison system, the State's Attorney's Office and Prince George's County Public Schools have agreed to refer low level delinquent cases to the SAO Youth Justice Division for possible diversion.  All participants must have had no prior contact with the juvenile justice system and agree to participate and complete the requirements set forth by the programs listed below after an intake is performed.   These programs utilize services such as but not limited to counselling, mentoring, tutoring, and community service in order to address and prevent the delinquent behavior.   


The current list below are some of the programs who have partnered with the SAO to join in our initiative to keep students on the right path.

P31 Girls

This program was founded in 2019 to empower young women by providing mentoring, educational, vocational support, as well as life skill training

Phone: (240) 524-2107


This an advocacy organization with a mission to inspire and encourage youth through educational, mentoring and life skills of young men.

Address: 13215 Whiteholm Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Phone: (240) 353-4158


Greater Baden Medical Services

Greater Baden Medical Services is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization that provides primary and preventive care services for both insured and uninsured patients.  The organization interviews evaluates and refers individuals for family and individual counseling.


Community Public Awareness Council

This organization provides wrap-around services for at-risk youth, such as .

Address: 11603 West Branch Drive, Upper Marlboro, Md. 20774

Phone: (202) 327-0991


District Court Diversion Programs


Batterers Intervention Programs


Family Crisis Center (FCC)

This is a 20-26-week course. The program focuses on serving persons with domestic violence issues. The curriculum examines several areas related to learning how to interact in a non-violent and non-confrontational manner. The program is 20 weeks for females and 26 weeks for males.  English and Spanish courses are offered. Initial registration is $35 and the per session fee is based on a Sliding Fee Scale. Call to schedule intake. 

Phone: (301) 779-2100



My Covenant Place

This is a 24-week psycho-educational course geared towards court mandated, parolee/ probationers, as well as self-referred individuals. This is a certified Abuser Intervention Program. There is a $35 processing fee needed at registration. Classes are $35 thereafter.

Address: 9500 Arena Drive Suite 104 Largo, MD 20774

Phone: (301) 577-7307 Option #3


Anger Management Programs

Family Crisis Center (FCC)

It consists of a 12-week program offered to individuals who have had conflict with someone other than an intimate partner.  Participants gain understanding of anger cues, triggers, and how to manage anger in a non-violent manner.  English and Spanish courses are offered. Initial registration is $35. Each session thereafter is $25. Call to schedule intake. 

Phone: (301) 779-2100


The Core Value Workshop

Their goal is to turn angry or emotionally abusive relationships into compassionate loving ones. This is a 16-week course in which defendants learn powerful ways to regulate their negative emotions and behavior.  They learn to respond according to their best interest and the best interest of others.  They also learn to develop loving, safe, and respectful relationships.  Enrollment is weekly.  Sessions are held from 7-9pm.  The fee is $40 weekly plus a one-time fee of $35.  If you work part time or are unemployed, you may qualify for a reduced fee.  Workshops are held at Reid AME Church.

Contact: Eunice Proctor

Phone: (240) 838-0816 | Email:

Adam’s House

 The program offers an overview of anger management, anger control plans, and alternatives for expressing anger. This is a 12-week program. The program is free for all Medicaid recipients. They also accept most insurances. Without insurance, the program is a total of $60 ($5 per session)

Address: 5001 Silver Hill Road Suitland, MD 20746

Phone: (301) 817-1900


Calm Walk Oasis

They offer a 12-16-week course focusing on anger management and domestic violence education. The program offers a curriculum geared to help people discover alternate ways of dealing with anger in healthy ways. Calm Walk Oasis offers interactive power point presentations, open discussions, homework assignments, and surveys to teach participants.  The program caters to court ordered mandated men and women involved in cases dealing with custody, assault, property damage, etc. The fee is 40$ per session. The also offer an accelerated course for those who wish to complete the course in a shorter period. This course is 6 weeks and cost are $40 per session.  

Address: 1400 Mercantile Ln Ste 208 Largo, MD 20774

Phone: 301-257-6724

Contact: Catherine Walker



My Covenant Place

 Their goal is to end family violence and abuse through the identification of abusive and controlling behaviors. They are Maryland certified and use the Alpha Project violence intervention progam.  Sign up walk in hours are on Thursday from 1-5 pm. There is a $35 money order needed for registration. Classes are $35 thereafter

Address: 9500 Arena Drive Suite 104 Largo, MD 20774

Phone: 301-577-7307 Option #3


Parenting Workshop

This course is offered to persons whom the court feel could benefit from or need curriculum pertaining to parenting.  The program is aimed to helping angry, resentful, and overwhelmed parents.  The goal of the program is to increase cooperation, self-esteem, and discipline in children and parents.  It consists of a 10 week program filled with effective parenting skills, parenting resources, parenting advice, parenting tips, and information on family issues.  The program is located at Reid AME Church. The fee is $40 weekly plus a one-time fee of $35.

Contact: Eunice Proctor

Phone: 240-838-0816 | Email:

Drug Diversion Program

The Drug Diversion Program operates under the Prince Georges County Health Department. The defendant agrees for their case to be put on a STET docket under the conditions that they complete a drug treatment program.  The defendant agrees to contact the Health Department to schedule an initial assessment. For marijuana cases, the defendant will complete 4 weekly educational courses.  At the end of the treatment a health professional will determine whether further treatment is necessary.  For all other drugs, the defendant is required to adhere to whatever treatment plan is deemed necessary based on initial assessment. Successful completion of the program is based on continued compliance and positive status updates.
Contact Information: Marilyn Evans, LCPC Counselor I, Behavioral Health Services: Drug Diversion

Phone: 301-856-9507 | Email:


Mediation Program

The mediation program is operated by the Key Bridge Center for Conflict Resolution.  They handle disputes between neighbors, interpersonal family disputes, business disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, child visitation matters, and any other related matter referred by the Court and State’s Attorney’s Office.  This is a voluntary alternative for parties involved in which trained mediators will guide parties through an informal process that helps those involved to identify issues and generate resolutions.

Phone: 240-770-0401 | Email: & 



Driving Diversion Program

 A first-time offender charged with driving while suspended, driving without a license, or driving uninsured has the option of attending a 4-hour diversion class. The program fee is $230. If the offender has obtained a valid driver’s license and completed the class, the charge of driving while suspended, driving without a license, driving uninsured and up to five tickets may be removed from their driving record. Anyone with a prior conviction that could have resulted in incarceration is ineligible for the program. Charges must NOT include DWI/DUI or any type of accident. The program is offered to Maryland residents, 18 years old and up.

Contact: Wendy Austin @ 301-952-3545 or CorrectiveSolutions @ 1-855-331-7965

Community Service Program

Community Service is often offered to defendants placed on a STET docket. The program operates under the Prince Georges County Department of Corrections. Eligible offenders are placed in unpaid work assignments within the community. The court defines the number of hours the offenders are to perform. Offenders with convictions of a crime of violence are prohibited from participating in the program. Upon completion, a copy of the certificate is sent to the courts.

Contact: Leslie Riddick @ 301-952-5417 or Gail Anderson @ 301-780-8072

Divine by Design Mentoring Company

Is a trauma informed therapeutic based mentoring company servicing at-risk vulnerable girls and young women ages 12-22 including those who have been exposed to trauma, bullying, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, homelessness and/or incarceration and human trafficking. By creating mentoring relationships, teaching leadership skills, self-confidence, independence and self-worth, this program helps girls find their voice and purpose.

Contact: Ebony Belt @ 301-882-9647


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